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Sample Discussion Questions

Because of the era depicted in the book, we tend to think of the characters as older, but they are in fact quite young, and often immature. Are they any different from people of the same age today?


Would Hassie’s relationship with her mother have been any better if Bobby had not come into the picture? How does the death of her father play into her ambitions and actions?


What do you think is the greatest message in the story? Do you recognize any universal themes or subtexts operating in the book?


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What some book clubbers have said:

Hassie Calhoun is one of those books that you can’t put down. The characters are so real, I would highly recommend this book to any book club that wants to have a great discussion from reading such a well-written book. I can’t wait for the sequel! -Sandra Reckell, FL

Pamela Cory’s debut novel has all the ingredients of a breakout hit: a beautiful and sweet-natured heroine, a menacing but sexy villain and the bizarre world of Las Vegas in the Rat Pack era of the late 1950s and early 1960s. This would be a great choice for book clubbers, who could spend an evening wrestling with an age-old question: why do women who should know better keep coming back to men who treat them so badly? -Nancy Stancill, London

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Literary fiction
Women’s Interest
New fiction
General fiction
Humanities Fiction
Small Press Fiction