A musical experience

A musical experience

April 4th, 2011

What started out as song lyrics for part of the first book of the Hassie Calhoun trilogy turned into a collaboration with Kathy Sipe to write a melody and piano arrangement, followed by an instrumental arrangement by Fraser Skeoch and recording of the song with six very talented musicians and artists.

From the Lab Studios in south London, Fraser, on keyboard, and three other world-class musicians—Ed Morris on bass, Mike Smith on drums, and Jamie Talbot on saxophone—spent three hours laying down the instrumental tract and recording the vocal arrangement with Cassidy Janson.

On witnessing the coming together of a completely original piece of music, I occasionally had to pinch myself in awe of the commitment these talented people brought to the song’s recording. And the result is one that I am immensely proud of.

Thank you Kas, Fraser, Jamie, Ed, Mike and CJ. Special thanks to Drew our recording technician and to Bryan, who wore the producer’s hat and made the whole experience possible.

I hope Hassie’s fans enjoy this song, the first result of her life as a songwriter. Soon the Pamela Cory website will host a page devoted entirely to music. I’ll be blogging on that page about all the wonders of the Hassie Calhoun musical experiences. The recorded music will also be available to listen to on the home page shortly.

Update: Check out two different versions of I Just Can’t Figure It Out here!
I Just Cant Figure It Out – CJ
I Just Cant Figure It Out – Inst

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  • Alun John Hood says:

    What a haunting song, and what an unusual but highly effective sideline to the novel itself. This beautiful number makes me hugely impatient to read the book. Roll on June!

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